Our Evergreen Technology Commitment

The OMS represents the most important information asset serving the agency. It enables operational efficiency, data accuracy
and integrity, and provides valuable insights to guide policy planning and minimize risks. As it ages, it can also be the greatest
impediment to operational improvement. Over time, heavily customized and/or seldom updated OMS environments become inflexible,
costly to maintain, and difficult to evolve. And without a clear understanding of ongoing vendor investment in your
OMS, it can become legacy almost as soon as you turn it on.

Abilis is fully committed to an evergreen technology strategy for the CORIS® OMS. We recognize the strategic
nature of the OMS in your agency, and our approach is designed to ensure that this key asset never becomes
obsolete. Among the central components of our strategy are the following:

Cloud-based prisons OMS

Modular and Configurable

While CORIS® is delivered as a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) product, no
two implementations are exactly alike. We enable our customers to utilize the
system modules that they require, and we provide extensive configurability
across each of them. Because we maintain business functionality separately
from technical infrastructure, we are able to preserve the unique configurations
for each agency while delivering regular updates to such items as the database,
operating system, and browsers.

Cloud-based offender management solution

Active Roadmap Process

The value of an OMS is enhanced when it is governed by an active,
customer-involved product roadmap. CORIS® is supported by a professional
product team that understands the evolving needs of the corrections market
and the individual requirements of our customers. CORIS® investments are
mapped in quarterly increments on a three-year rolling basis, and the roadmap is
shared with each customer consistently – to gain input and enable agency
preparation for future releases.

Cloud-based OMS

Three Annual Releases

With three annual releases of CORIS®, Abilis ensures that each customer
has a common platform on which to operate. The three releases focus
on routine maintenance updates, technical currency – such as database,
OS and browser updates, and a feature release that delivers enhancements
to existing functionality and periodically introduces entirely new modules.
All releases are provided to the customer as part of the annual maintenance
program, including new modules when they are available. Each release
is carefully documented for the customer, and knowledgeable resources from
Abilis work directly with the customer to help them plan for its availability.
And of course, the decision to implement any release into production is left
to the discretion of the individual agency.

Cloud-based corrections OMS

Administrator & Developer Certification

Abilis provides CORIS® certification programs for agency administrators
and developers. This ensures a level of efficiency to address system
and functional changes in a manner that meets budget and response
requirements. Administrators can become versed in all manner of system
management and configuration. Developers can build their own modules
to address unique business needs without reverting the vendor.

Cloud-based offender management solution

CORIS® Community

We don’t do it alone. Abilis has built an active, growing community of agency
executives, technical experts and operational SMEs to jointly collaborate
on the direction and evolution of the CORIS® OMS. Through regular one-on-one
briefings and discussions, as well as the annual CORIS® Symposium,
our customers are afforded an opportunity to voice their requirements to us,
and network and exchange ideas with their peers in the process.
Such an approach ensures a common understanding of the evolving needs
of the OMS, and gives every customer a clear voice in our direction.