Company Overview

Across the globe, corrections agencies face complex, but common, challenges. To ensure the safety
of officers and offenders, as well as prepare the offender for successful re-entry into society, agencies must have a
complete and accurate understanding of every offender in their care. With greater focus
on reducing the cost of corrections, budgets are constantly under pressure, forcing agencies to identify ways to
drive increased efficiency into operations. And to effectively monitor and identify security risks,
as well as measure operational performance, agency leaders recognize the need to analyze the vast quantity of
data in their mission-critical information systems.

Abilis understands these challenges in exceptional detail. With over 15 years of focused corrections experience, we
embrace an information-centric approach to meeting corrections objectives, delivering
the intelligence our customers need to run a better agency. Our highly innovative, fully integrated solutions
emphasize data integrity and accuracy to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the offender throughout the
entire care cycle. The design of our systems ensures rapid information delivery to officers and staff across the
corrections enterprise, with proven scalability to thousands of concurrent users.

Each of our customers pursues a common set of goals – to ensure the safety of offenders, staff,
and the public; to drive intelligent innovation and efficiency into operations; and to embrace proactive steps
to reduce recidivism. Our flexible, proven solutions provide the enterprise-class information infrastructure your
agency needs to achieve these important objectives.