Abilis believes the best way to deliver and evolve a mission-critical information asset to the corrections
market is through constant engagement and dialogue with its customers. Such a commitment ensures
that our executive and product teams have a well-grounded understanding of operational realities
for corrections professionals, to combine with our overall analysis of trends which will impact the market
in future years. That’s why we established the CORIS® Community in 2015.


CORIS® Community is committed to openness and transparency.
It is open to all customers, as every voice in the community matters.
It embraces and encourages networking among members across all agencies.
It fosters multi-dimensional communication: vendor to community, vendor to customer, and customer to customer.
It has multiple, ongoing avenues for dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Networking & Engagement

The CORIS® Community provides multiple customer-stakeholder groups – including
executives, technical staff and operational subject matter experts –
to share their ideas and articulate their requirements to help influence
our CORIS® roadmap planning. Through frequent one-on-one sessions, conference
calls with specific groups across multiple customer agencies,
and the annual CORIS® Symposium, our customers are afforded a valuable
opportunity to discuss their evolving needs and influence our understanding
of priorities.

Evolving Value

At a practical level, such a commitment helps our teams to consistently deliver
CORIS® updates that add real and immediate value to your OMS investment.
At a strategic level, the influence and direction received from like-minded
professionals from around the world helps to ensure that your investment
will never become obsolete.