A Comprehensive
Offender Management System

CORIS® OMS (Offender Management System) is a purpose-built solution for the corrections mission,
based on 17 standard corrections business processes. It is comprised of over 43 separate modules which enables the corrections
agency to implement their solution according to their own strategic priorities
– either as a single, all-encompassing project, or in a series of phases based on needs and budget.

CORIS® Domains

Comprehensive, integrated information management capabilities for corrections agencies, purpose-built to improve safety, drive operational efficiency, and enable improved offender outcomes.

Application ManagementBusiness IntelligencePublic SafetySentence ManagementFinancialsCommunity ManagementFacility ManagementOffender Management

CORIS® OMS Framework

While there is broad consistency to corrections business processes around the world, the requirements
for any single agency vary by jurisdiction, by policy and by budget. As a true COTS solution,
CORIS® OMS has been designed both functionally and technically to meet the unique informational
and operational priorities of our customers.

offender management software

Modular flexibility is a core attribute of the CORIS® Functional Framework.
It is designed to allow the agency to implement desired modules
all at once or across a series of phased deployments as well as develop
specific modules which are unique to the agency. This flexible, modular design
ensures that the overall system can be maintained, enhanced and upgraded
without impact to the unique configurations and customizations of the customer’s solution.

Integrated Offender Management System

As a powerful tool kit, the CORIS® Technical Framework delivers a broad array
of administrative capabilities, such as security, user rights and provisioning,
system audits, workflows, notifications and application integration services.
It is designed to allow trained, certified agency staff to manage and maintain
the solution without frequent, costly involvement of vendor resources.

CORIS® OMS Flexible Hosting Options

CORIS® is a flexible system that can be hosted under multiple configurations, both on-site and off. The architecture described can be supported by several hosting options.

Cloud Hosting

The power, scalability, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based
OMS solution is increasingly driving corrections agencies to embrace
this approach as a core requirement for OMS modernization. To address this
need, Abilis has partnered with Microsoft Azure Government to host
the complete CORIS® system in the cloud. The complete set of primary
and secondary environments (Production, Staging, UAT, Training, and Disaster
Recovery) are hosted on Azure and are managed 24x7x365 by a specialized
team from Microsoft. This approach ensures that the Disaster Recovery site
is hosted at a distinct geographical location from the primary environments,
which offers true, comprehensive redundancy and fault-tolerance in case
of an emergency or natural disaster.

Prisons OMS

The benefits of cloud computing are attractive. Agencies can offload the costs and responsibilities for managing and maintaining expensive on-premise environments, and avoid the need to purchase and maintain hardware, monitor performance, and dedicate staff to manage environments. With Microsoft Azure, Abilis is able to provide cost-effective SLA’s that deliver 99.95% uptime in a highly secure environment.

Microsoft Azure Government is a proven, secure, cloud-based platform engineered specifically for government demands. Fully certified against numerous US and international standards, Microsoft Azure Government is the only major cloud platform which is FedRAMP & CJIS-compliant.

Third-party Hosting

With the costs of building, maintaining and managing data centers continually
increasing, many agencies seek to host their OMS with an established, local
third-party hosting provider. In such a scenario, Production, Staging, UAT,
and Training environments are deployed in a secure, specialized facility,
and managed 24x7x365 by trained technical staff. Application support
and maintenance approaches are variable – provided by agency or Abilis
staff – and need to be specified at the time of requirements gathering.

On-premise Hosting

The traditional approach to OMS hosting is management within an established data
center, run by technical staff which work directly for the agency or the
overarching jurisdiction. Such data centers typically host environments for
Production, Staging, UAT and Training on agency - or jurisdiction-supplied hardware
assets, managed by dedicated agency or jurisdiction staff.