prison information management system

Information Efficiency for Prison
and Field-based Officers

The workload faced by prison-based staff and community corrections officers is daunting and never-ending.
To help improve officer efficiency and safety, Abilis has introduced CORIS® Mobile,
a proven mobile solution for accessing and recording offender information. Designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro
and iOS / Android / Windows smart phones, CORIS® Mobile ensures the availability of accurate offender information
in a secure, flexible application.

Products Highlights

  • Operates on most smart phones and tablets
  • Integrates with existing OMS
  • Uses GPS & camera features
  • Supports secured and encrypted data exchange
  • Functions from a cloud-based or hosted environment
  • Offers best-in-class security features

Corrections Mobility Solutions

Case Management

Officers can easily search and retrieve vital information about the offender and
capture notes and photographs to support business requirements and agency
policies. Community corrections officers can manage their entire caseload
within an easy-to-use application on a convenient device, including the ability
to manage daily schedules and route logistics via GPS mapping integration.

Prison Management Software

Best in Class Security Features

Security is a main challenge any organization faces when deploying a mobile application. Limiting access to an agency’s OMS
platform is an imperative, high-level security concern. CORIS® Mobile offers a secure network transmission process by encrypting
the information before sending it across public mobile networks. It also works in collaboration with a Mobile Device Management
(MDM) tool, allowing administrators to control authorizations and application updates.