Offender Management Solutions

CORIS® sets Abilis apart in the corrections market. Proven in multiple corrections environments
of diverse size, CORIS® is a comprehensive, COTS-based solution, purpose-built to address
industry standard business processes.

Its open, modular design enables agencies to prioritize their most pressing information needs,
and effectively integrate with other mission-critical corrections and justice systems. CORIS® is a high-availability, high-scalability
enterprise class application which can be deployed securely within an on-premise or cloud-based Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
The application provides an intuitive, friendly user interface across multiple device types: desktops, tablets and smart phones.
CORIS® is browser agnostic.


Know the Offender

Comprehensive business process coverage for corrections operations,
delivered in a state-of-the-art, cloud-based OMS, enabling information
on-demand to ensure the safety of officers and offenders.


Do More With Less

Fast, accurate information, fully integrated across every business process,
delivered to users wherever they perform their tasks – on the desktop,
smart-phone, tablet or kiosk.


Run a Better Agency

Advanced reporting, analytics and dashboards to identify threats, establish
objectives and measure performance, and share information with stakeholders
across the justice and public safety spectrum.

The CORIS® Community enables valuable collaboration across all stakeholders
– including agency executives and SME’s, our employees and strategic partners.

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The specialized technology of our partners is seamlessly integrated
with the CORIS® OMS, ensuring reliable, state-of-the-art value for our customers

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