CORIS® provides a proven, flexible, COTS-based solution used by corrections agencies of diverse size.
It is comprised of three distinct product offerings: CORIS® OMS, CORIS® BI and CORIS® Mobile,
each designed for use as part of a comprehensive, fully integrated offender management solution,
or as a stand-alone solution to a specific need.

COTS offender management solution

Used by more than 29,000 corrections professionals, CORIS® manages over 275,000 offenders
in 95 secure facilities and 250 community corrections offices. Agencies that rely on CORIS® have
the offender knowledge they require to manage a safe, secure operation. They experience sustainable
gains in operational efficiency, a critical benefit in a period of constrained budgets. And they have access
to in-depth information and analytics to help them continually run a better agency.

Robust Security
for Mission-critical Applications

The information associated with complex corrections operations is of a highly sensitive and confidential
nature. The safety of the offender and staff, as well as the security of the overall operation demands
a sophisticated, proven approach to application and data security.

Abilis understands this requirement and has delivered effectively across diverse operational configurations in different legal jurisdictions. CORIS® provides a flexible security model to meet specific agency requirements and preferences, including complex user authentication, role-based authentication, and data-level security. For each of the different applications within the product family, careful consideration is given during the design process to ensure that business process availability is consistent with the task, device and expected location where computing will take place. As is shown in the graphic above, application capabilities vary with the device and usage type, thus ensuring maximum information security for the agency.

COTS offender management solution

Certified Quality

Abilis is the only COTS-based OMS vendor that has undergone the process for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015
quality certification. With the high-risk realities of a complex corrections environment, OMS performance
and reliability is of critical importance to every user. We believe that a standards-based commitment to quality is a fundamental
component of our ability to deliver the mission-critical information necessary to help our customers successfully manage
their operations in a safe, secure and efficient manner.