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The offender management system is a mission-critical information asset for any corrections agency, touching virtually every
business process used to manage offender activity and operational performance. As a result, it contains massive amounts of data
which should be available to operational staff and decision makers to help them run better agencies and improve offender
outcomes. For too long, corrections agencies have had to rely on systems which are proven to capture, manage and retrieve
information, but are significantly limited in their ability to address reporting and analytical requirements.

CORIS® BI represents a powerful combination of market-standard business intelligence tools designed
to extract maximum value from the OMS – whether the agency relies on CORIS® OMS or a legacy OMS. CORIS® BI has been
designed to efficiently meet the ever-growing demand for offender-related information across the entire justice and public safety
spectrum, including police, courts, probation and parole, and others at local, state/provincial and national levels.
CORIS® BI utilizes market-standard tools for accessing and analyzing data, and creating reports (static, interactive, on-demand,
and dashboards) and advanced analytics and dashboards to address broad information needs. Users of CORIS® BI benefit from
being able to quickly understand the meaning and significance of the broad array of data captured within their business
processes. Combined with expertise from our internal BI resources, Abilis helps to deliver actionable information to operational
staff and decision-makers within the agency and beyond.

For powerful, state-of-the-art reporting, query, analytics and dashboards, CORIS® BI relies on proven,
market-standard products including Birst.

corrections BI solutions
Birst deploys holistic, embedded, enterprise-grade, self-serve analytical solutions.
Its investments in analytical data automation, exploration, adaptive user experience and modern
multi-tenant architectural thinking are unique in the marketplace.