February 2020

Should the Existence of an OMS User Community Be Part of the CIO’s Vendor Evaluation Criteria?

Corrections agency-based teams that manage and influence the future of their offender management system can derive valuable benefits from participation in their vendor’s user group. The breadth and complexity of information demands within the modern corrections enterprise is extraordinary. Across some 17 standard business processes, thousands of officers and staff can generate millions of data

- February 26, 2020

January 2020

Implementing Reliable Data Analytics Solutions for Corrections

Enabling a Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solution is an essential component of the information strategy for correctional agencies. A data-driven, evidence-based, decision-making process requires a reliable (i.e. accurate, timely, and secured) BI and Data Analytics platform. Following my previous post, Understanding Business Intelligence Ecosystem for Corrections, in which we touched on BI functional

- January 9, 2020