août 2017

Understanding Business Intelligence Ecosystem for Corrections

For the corrections agency seeking to maximize the value of its OMS, business intelligence and data analytics solutions are moving from ‘nice to have’ to essential components of the information…

- août 8, 2017

juillet 2017

Have You Defined Your Information Stakeholder Model?

By segmenting and understanding the full spectrum of information stakeholders across the jurisdiction, corrections agency CIO’s can better meet their needs and drive improvement for the agency. Recently I wrote…

- juillet 25, 2017

What’s Your Information Strategy?

For an investment in a modern OMS to deliver full strategic value to the agency, the corrections CIO should drive creation of an enterprise-wide information strategy, and secure full buy-in…

- juillet 11, 2017

juin 2017

The ICPA – A Commitment to Improvement

By creating an open forum for idea sharing among corrections leaders, non-profits, academics and corrections-focused vendors, the ICPA drives a best practices mentality for improving correctional outcomes around the world….

- juin 19, 2017

Do What You Get Credit For

Effectively tackling the ‘build or buy’ question for agencies seeking to modernize the OMS can have significant impacts on the agency and the CIO’s organization. We live in a results-oriented…

- juin 6, 2017

mai 2017

When Modernizing Your Agency’s OMS, It’s Best to Remember the Law of Gravity

Picture two men standing in a park across the street from a ten story building. They watch as a young boy prepares to throw a bright red, aerodynamic object, round…

- mai 23, 2017

Why ‘Time to Value’ Should Be Part of the Decision Framework for Large Technology Purchases

Time is money. It’s an everyday adage that dates at least as far back as the 1730s, when Benjamin Franklin would occasionally reference the phrase in his “Poor Richard’s Almanac.”…

- mai 9, 2017

avril 2017

5 Considerations for an Evergreen Solution Approach for Corrections

In hundreds of conversations with corrections CIOs over the past few years, a common theme has been echoed about the state of their key information assets. Specifically for their offender…

- avril 25, 2017

An Important Conversation for Corrections CIOs

Corrections leaders face daunting challenges. With rising costs, continued high rates of incarceration and persistent rates of recidivism, agencies around the world are under pressure to focus on improved outcomes…

- avril 11, 2017