Abilis Solutions Inaugurates its Innovation Center

“The significant growth in demands, particularly the delivery of turnkey IT projects where client solutions are crafted in our Montreal offices, drives us to increase our production capabilities” says Eric Le Goff, President and CEO of Abilis Solutions. Our firm has recently signed a contract to deliver an ERP in the US, system that will require the efforts of a large team on a full-time basis for the next 24 months.

“This project is a great example of the business model and competitive edge of CMTek. Although we were competing against large renowned North American firms, we won this important invitation to tender because of our engineering expertise coupled with our commitment to results considering that this project is delivered at a flat rate” adds M. Alain Elbaz, President and COO.

CMTek, now Abilis Solutions, has established over the last decade a business model comprised of the delivery of software solutions at a fix rate within agreed timelines that is now a sound alternative for the large companies to consider in lieu of outsourcing their IT operations.

The creation of the Montreal Innovation center will enable Abilis to centralize the skills and expertise therefore promoting an exchange of collective know-how and methodologies while optimizing the efficiency, productivity and overall quality of the delivery.


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