Abilis PI Designs Innovative Software to Optimize Process Integrations

GreenRaven™ is the Only Error Handling Cockpit for SAP NetWeaver PI

Abilis PI Inc., a robust provider of process integration services, support and solutions, is pleased to announce the release of GreenRaven™, an innovative software which monitors integration scenarios and limits the amount of interruptions during runtime.

The release of this software is the first solution from Abilis PI which targets SAP NetWeaver process integrations or orchestrations. GreenRaven™ allows the editing and reprocessing of the error message content before resubmitting it back into the system. This error monitoring application adds tremendous value by optimizing integration scenario runtimes and greatly simplifying the message resubmission process, both of which enhance business continuity. GreenRaven™ also lessens the need for additional technical assistance, by delegating proper authorization and access to any business process owner, or other employees without technical expertise.

“We are pleased to deliver SAP NetWeaver PI/PO integrators a product which accelerates troubleshooting steps, improves the overall proficiency of an integration scenario and is accessible on mobile devices or PCs. We feel that our product will not only optimize integration scenario runtimes, but empower process owners” says Roland Louis, Vice President of Abilis PI Inc.

This simple, yet innovative solution operates as a basic overlaid application for SAP NetWeaver PI v7.3 & 7.31 or PO v7.4 and offers an easy-to-install and user-friendly interface.

GreenRaven™ is currently available through direct sales from their Innovation Center headquarters in Montreal, and online through the SAP Store.

Abilis PI is hosting a launch party on Thursday, April 7, 2016. Visit www.abilispi.com for more info.

About Abilis PI Inc.
Abilis PI Inc. is a business unit of Abilis Solutions Inc., an organization focused on designing and delivering state-of-the-art information systems, services and solutions. Abilis PI offers the highest quality technical center expertise for SAP NetWeaver process integrations in North America. Abilis PI has performed hundreds of process integrations and has imparted technical support and expertise to prominent, industry-leading companies, turning their antiquated business processes into highly proficient systems. Abilis PI is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and services domestic and international customers from all industries. To read more about Abilis PI, please visit our website www.abilispi.com.

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