Our Professional Services Team

Abilis Solutions Corp. is an information technology (IT) professional services company that develops and implements innovative solutions for business intelligence (BI) analytics, cloud computing and mobile applications. We are committed to providing the expertise, tools and services needed to help SMBs, large enterprises and public organizations unlock the value of their data. For over 20 years, Abilis has enjoyed consistent growth and abundant customer-loyalty due to our unwavering commitment of providing solutions that are purpose-built and customized for each customer’s particular requirements, combined with our high quality services and professionalism. The Abilis team stays responsive to today’s technology advancements by forming partnerships with industry-leading organizations and coupling their cutting-edge software or systems with our IT expertise for optimized solutions that go above and beyond customer expectations. Abilis Solutions Corp. is based in Portland, Maine with an Innovation Center and headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  • Surrounded by a team of dedicated technology specialists
  • Recognized as a leading-source for enterprise business intelligence
  • Accomplished at crafting Cloud solutions and deployments
  • Pioneered mobile application development platforms
  • Experienced at developing innovative, flexible solutions

A Data-Focused Approach

Abilis is committed to providing the expertise, tools and services required to help SMBs, large enterprises and public organizations address their BI, cloud, or mobile app requirements to unlock the value of their data.

Abilis believes in building long-term relationships with our customers and works collaboratively with them in order to exceed their expectations. We believe in being directly involved throughout the project life-cycle. We engage with the customer on a more personal level to uncover the business and network requirements, then listen to the customer’s goals and set clearly-defined objectives to ensure their project is a success. The bright and passionate team members at Abilis are dedicated to ensuring your solution will exceed expectations by planning, developing and testing the system until it reaches 100% customer satisfaction.

Even once the solution is successfully implemented, Abilis continues to offer ongoing support or maintenance services, as needed. We understand that new projects arise or ones in-progress require rescuing, which is why our team will provide assistance whenever, and however needed. The true value Abilis contributes to a project is not only our consistent commitment and focus during a project life-cycle, but after as well. To us, our collaboration doesn’t end when a project is over. Once we are partners, your success is our success.

Our Team

The team of IT professionals at Abilis possess an array of knowledge, skills and abilities to quickly and proficiently expedite projects of any scale. By following proven and established project methodologies such as working-smart and agile development techniques, we can assure high quality of workmanship. Abilis hires bright and passionate employees who are customer-focused and results-oriented in order to achieve project success, with each and every customer. To continue to develop cutting-edge solutions, we encourage our team to stay ahead of technological trends and be aware of new software developments which can satisfy our customers’ requirements above and beyond their expectations.

Guiding Principles

The Abilis team follows a set of guiding principles that fosters successful business engagement. The principles are centered on Agile techniques which emphasize constant collaboration, continuous planning, frequent testing and optimized integrations. The context within each engagement is created by setting clearly defined goals, driving toward objectives, and disciplined execution of tactics. These principles are based on 20 years of industry experience and reinforce our core focus of developing collaborative partnerships with our clients.