www.bell.ca wins the 2008 Boomerang award in the eCommerce Sites category!

In spring 2008, when Bell Canada had decided to redefine its corporate image and brand positionning, it asked Abilis Solutions to participate in the revamping of its ecommerce website www.bell.ca. The objective was to deliver a brand new website in a very short 14 week delay, with the unveiling scheduled for August 8th, 2008.

Aware of the importance of this project and the necessity to deliver a quality project while respecting the imposed timeframe, Abilis Solutions put together in a record time a team of over 40 people, created around an experienced core accustomed to working on the www.bell.ca platform.

This team has worked ardently, in partnership and perfect collaboration with the project’s different leads (Bell Interactive, Bell Web Services, Bell Technical Services) to reach the delivery targets… which have all been met!

Abilis Solutions is very pleased that the www.bell.ca website has been awarded the Boomerang prize in the eCommerce Sites category for the contest’s 2008 edition, and is very proud to be linked to this success.

“Delivering a project meeting expectations, imposed budgets and schedule corresponds to the commitment we take on for each of our clients. However, when a project is nominated or receives an award like the www.bell.ca project, this confirms the delivery team’s excellence and the importance of the efforts deployed by the human resources department at Abilis Solutions in order to staff the project with an adapted team” notes Eric Le Goff, president, Abilis Solutions.

Congratulations to the project team as well as everyone who has participated in this project.

Boomerang awards recognize the best interactive communications and websites created by Quebec based companies. (Available in French only):
Boomerang Awards Website

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