Virginia Dept. of Corrections Wins COVITS Award for VirginiaCORIS

Abilis Solutions congratulates its customer, the Virginia Department of Corrections, for winning the prestigious COVITS Award (the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Innovative Technology Symposium) in the “IT as Efficiency Driver” category.

The Virginia Corrections Information System (VirginiaCORIS) won the award because it vastly improves operations, better serves numerous government partners, eliminates an inefficient, paper-based system and provides global views that vastly improve public safety.

About 16 legacy systems, including one 32-year-old mainframe system, were retired as a direct result of the VirginiaCORIS implementation.

VirginiaCORIS currently unites offender management operations for over 5000 users (the target for this project being 12000 users), including prison institutions, probation and parole officers and the Virginia Parole Board. Thousands more users will come on-line shortly. These user groups access and update a single system, VirginiaCORIS, from any location, 24×7, via web access to track offenders and note important information, including a complete, real-time log of all contacts with the corrections and law-enforcement systems.

VirginiaCORIS also communicates with and is used by the Virginia State Police, the Attorney General’s office and courts. VirginiaCORIS manages over 90,000 offenders, making it the largest, modern, web-based offender management system deployment in North America.

“VirginiaCORIS was designed and now operates fluidly as an easily maintained, interoperable system, including active arrest notification integration with Virginia State Police information systems. To date, over 8,000 arrest notifications have been delivered into the system for officer notifications of offender activity,” said Rick Davis, Chief Technology Officer Virginia Department of Corrections.

For more information on the VirginiaCORIS implementation, please visit the COVITS web site:’s_technology_awards/winners.cfm

Abilis Solutions’ Corrections Information System (CORIS) is an integrated, web-based offender management system (OMS) that enables jurisdictions to manage offenders under community or institutional supervision. CORIS implements a single electronic offender record and centralized database that authorized stakeholders can use to obtain and maintain a thorough view of the offender’s history, current status, risk profile, and sentencing/release information. The largest, modern, web-based OMS operation in North America uses CORIS.

About Abilis Solutions
Abilis specializes in the development of distributed systems, secure transactional solutions and in the integration of different technologies. It designs, manufactures and implements turnkey software solutions and delivers specialized integrated information systems. Abilis is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Portland, ME; Albany, NY and Neuilly-sur-Seine in France. Abilis employs over 160 people.

COVITS (the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Innovative Technology Symposium) annually brings together a community of senior-level executives and technology decision makers from state and local government, business, and education to identify, discuss and propose solutions to Virginia’s critical technology issues.

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