Green Light for CORIS P3R1!

We are really pleased to announce that on Saturday 20th February a new major release of VirginiaCORIS, named ‘P3R1’, went live across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The release marks a major milestone in the lifecycle of the program. In particular it has created the following key benefits to the Department of Corrections in Virginia

  • introduces the system for the first time inside Virginia prisons
  • extends the number of CORIS users in Virginia from 1,300 to 4,000
  • provides new modules including drug screening, offender grievance tracking, offender bed allocation (housing), job assignments, segregation (keep separates) and prison transfer functionalities to users
  • allows the DOC to retire a major existing mainframe system saving huge recurring maintenance costs
  • for the first time allows prison staff and probation and parole officers in Virginia to access and maintain a single source of offender data in real-time.

The release was delivered on time and on budget and is making a difference to the lives of prison staff in Virginia. This has been a big success for the DOC and an important step forward for CORIS and Abilis.

Congratulations to the team for all the hard work done during the past months.

CORIS now boasts the largest OMS (Offender Management Systems) deployment in North America!
Eric Le Goff, President of Abilis Solutions

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