Back to the office? At Abilis, we are innovating once again!

Confinement made remote work necessary, but with the quality of that remote work, measured daily by our performance indicators, and in response to feedback from many of our employees on the positive effects of remote work on work-life balance, we have decided to offer Abilis’ employees the choice of their work location. From now on, our employees can choose to work full or part-time from our innovation center, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, or choose to work from home. Our innovation center has been adapted to this new reality of hybrid work mode: dedicated or unassigned offices depending on the choice of work location, hybrid conference rooms allowing simultaneous face-to-face and virtual meetings, a redesigned user-friendly environment facilitating interpersonal exchanges, all in a very safe environment.

At Abilis, flexibility, safety , collaboration and openness are at the heart of our values.

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