Abilis To Host its first annual CORIS® Symposium on May 5th-6th

Abilis will hold its first annual CORIS® Symposium on May 5th and 6th in Portland, Maine! The Symposium brings together current and potential future customers to collaborate on how CORIS® will evolve to meet expected needs.

The top 5 reasons to attend this Symposium are:
1. Engage in person with members of CORIS® community & the Abilis team
2. Discover the CORIS® Roadmap and current R&D initiatives
3. Network with colleagues & correctional leaders
4. Share current challenges
5. Influence future product enhancements

The theme of the conference is People, Technology & Partnership! Abilis will share the CORIS® roadmap and demonstrate new functionality. Guest speakers will share exciting new capabilities that can be leveraged with CORIS®. Workshops will be held on new areas of interest to define and shape future CORIS® functionality.
We look forward to coming together as a CORIS® community at this year’s Symposium!

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