Abilis Solutions launches its CORIS® Community Platform during the 4th Annual Community Symposium

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Tuesday, September 24, 2019: Today marks the official go-live of the CORIS® Community Portal. Presented to Abilis customer base during the first day of the 2019 CORIS® Symposium – Strengthening Our Foundation for Increased Performance – the portal is positioned to provide timely communication between customers’ agencies and Abilis. The CORIS® Community Platform will serve as a medium to share CORIS® features, enhancements and roadmap information, plan activities, meetings, and events, and share a knowledge base. Already in development for the past several months, it has been configured, tested, and populated with content by the Abilis team.

The platform is web-based, web-optimized, and comes with apps for both iOS and Android. Having a simple and intuitive design, with powerful search capabilities, the user interface is easy to navigate and provides immediate access to different areas of the portal.

Abilis Solutions aspires the platform to encourage engagement within the CORIS® Community and generate productive discussions among community members, as they will be able to share thoughts and ideas through this forum.

“The CORIS® Community Portal is one of the multiple steps we’ve taken to becoming a customer-centric organization. We are investing in a comprehensive customer experience strategy, as we want to increase engagement within our customers’ community, measure satisfaction and address pain points in a timely manner, with the ultimate goal of building stronger relationships.” – says Eric Le Goff, President and CEO of Abilis Solutions.

The onboarding of both customers and the Abilis staff is planned in a phased approach, with the first wave of users already accessing the CORIS® Community Platform.

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