Abilis Solutions launches CORIS® Academy with comprehensive end user training and certification programs

Montreal, December 9, 2019Abilis Solutions is happy to announce the introduction of CORIS® Academy, with the very first certification course already underway. The CORIS® System Administrator Certification program is being delivered to an audience comprised of Abilis customers from various agencies, and marks the debut of the Academy.

The CORIS® Academy represents a central component of Abilis’ evergreen technology strategy and its commitment to precluding the CORIS® OMS from becoming obsolete. Developed with Abilis customers’ needs in mind, the Academy offers two different program categories: a certification program that raises the profile of its graduates and recognizes the knowledge and skills of CORIS® administrators, developers, and trainers; and a professional training program that provides individual courses on areas that will improve end-users’ skills. The framework of the CORIS® Academy was presented during the 4th annual CORIS® Symposium held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in September 2019, and the overwhelming interest of the participants supplied Abilis with the fuel to finalize the curriculum of these training programs.

“Our evergreen technology strategy enables us to continuously advance CORIS®; we constantly add new features and develop new modules in order to deliver value to our customers as their business and information needs change. We want our customers to benefit to the fullest from these important improvements, therefore our certification and training programs cover the latest updates. We look forward to the first impressions so that we can adapt and tweak the program to offer our customers the opportunity to fully capitalize on their CORIS® OMS system” – says Eric Le Goff, CEO Abilis Solutions.

The certification program is a new initiative on the corrections market. So far no other player in the OMS space has such a service, which is why the CORIS® Academy elevates Abilis Solutions to a new competitive level.

“I started working on this project about six months ago and I was really eager to bring it to life. We have a great team of trainers, very knowledgeable on CORIS®, and the Academy is the perfect place to apply their knowledge and competencies. We are giving the first certification during this month of December, and will continue with others in the new year. Currently we are using an online delivery method, with the hope that this method will help get more participants approved for certification – and training in general. We are flexible in our approach, and we are open to suggestions from our customers. We also know that agencies are facing a rather high staff turnaround rate, and thus training is important as it helps employees become efficient in the shortest amount of time.” – says Ramy Ezzedine, Knowledge Management and Learning Director.

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