Abilis Solutions Inc. Attends the Prestigious ICPA 2015 Annual Conference in Melbourne, Australia

The week of October 25-30, 2015, Abilis Solutions attended the prestigious International Corrections & Prisons Associations (ICPA) 17th AGM and Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The objective of this conference was to explore, discuss and exchange ideas and best practices on the topic of “Managing Risk in Contemporary Correctional Systems.”

The annual ICPA conference is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be part of the world’s strongest network of international corrections and prison leaders and practitioners. The conference attracted over 500 participants from across the globe, representing various national and state prison agencies, private sector agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutes as well as non-profits organizations.  This year, the attendees were also able to explore, learn and share collective wisdom from across many areas including:

  • Intelligence and Security Practices
  • The application of Electronic Monitoring
  • Post-Sentence Supervision Schemes Assessment
  • Classification and Placement of Prisoners Management with Self-Harming and At-Risk Behaviours
  • Clinical Assessments and Treatment Programs
  • Supporting Infrastructure and Technology
  • Parole Systems
  • High-Security and Management Regimes

Eric Le Goff, President & CTO of Abilis Solutions, was a guest speaker and presented during a thematic workshop. He addressed the topic on how to “Improve the Decision-Making Process with Structured Offender Management Information”.  He demonstrated CORIS® advanced analytic tools designed to identify the most at risk inmates to try to radicalize in prison.

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