Abilis participates in a fundraiser for the Learning Disabilities Institute

Abilis is proud to be participating for a second consecutive year in a fundraiser organized by the Learning Disabilities Institute. The fundraising will be held at a benefit the evening of October 19th. Five representatives of Abilis will participate in this event for a cause that is close to our heart.

About the Institute
The TA Institute leverages its expertise in learning disabilities to ensure equal opportunities for people with learning disabilities, to enable them to develop to their full potential, and to contribute positively to society.

The Learning Disabilities Institute is a benchmark for learning disabilities.

The institute has four mission statements:
1. Inform and support all individuals (children or adults) with learning disabilities, as well as parents, schools and businesses
2. Provide training for parents, school workers, and work environments
3. Develop resources to support those who help people with learning disabilities
4. Provide awareness on learning disabilities and destigmatize those who face this challenge daily

800,000 children and adults in Quebec live with this permanent neurological disorder.

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