Abilis FedEx Day

Abilis hosted its 1st “Abilis Fed Ex Day” Event on April 9th and 10th, 2015.

The Abilis FedEx Day is a 48-hour event in which employees deliver innovation to the company. This FedEx Day is a fixed time box in which the employees aren’t disturbed for regular work. This event is called FedEx Day, because employees have to deliver over a time box period, like a parcel delivery.

Within this time box, they had full autonomy over the project that they were enthusiastic about. They decided on what they will be working on, who they were going to work with, and how they were going to do it as long as it was related to our CORIS® product or to a process.

The event was a great success where 18 initiatives were presented. The creativity of our employees has been exemplary and we thank them warmly. We plan to repeat the experience!

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