Abilis’ COVID-19 response

With the recent and rapidly moving developments concerning COVID-19 in the US, Canada and Australia, Abilis is taking the following steps to proactively incorporate the advice of multiple national and regional health authorities into our daily business operations. These steps include:

  • We are limiting face to face meetings as much as possible. We have a strong technical infrastructure in place to support videoconferencing when needed.
  • We have implemented a COVID-19 policy that is designed to protect our staff and their families as much as possible and recognize that travel will be curtailed for some time. Further, we are seeing disruptions to regular school schedules in some regions and expect that will also begin to impact those staff members with school-age children.
  • We expect that a number of our employees, for various reasons, will need to work from home over the next few days or weeks; this is compatible with our agile-based Agilis delivery process and should have limited impact on our planned deliveries. We have ensured consistency with all established data security and confidentiality policies regardless of whether work is performed in our offices or from an employee’s home.
  • We remain very focused on our delivery commitments and are taking steps to minimize any negative impacts to support of your operations or delivery schedules.

Like you, we recognize that the situation remains fluid. Further directives and precautions from government health authorities may result in changes to our plans in the days and weeks ahead. We will naturally monitor the situation closely and communicate accordingly.

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