Abilis Becomes a Member of EuroPris and ICPA

Abilis Solutions Inc. is proud to announce its membership in two extremely important associations, EuroPris and International Corrections & Prison Association (ICPA) – Bronze Level. These memberships are important for Abilis to grow its network, stay connected with international industry primes and maintain knowledge on best practices.

About ICPA
The ICPA was formed to operate as an Association for corrections and prison professionals, dedicated to improving global understanding and professionalism in the sector. As an Association, we believe that improving the professionalism and competence of correctional officers is likely to have a greater positive impact on prison conditions and the human treatment of prisoners than most other actions. The Association is therefore not a lobbying or prisoner rights organization but exists to provide an inclusive, safe and secure forum for the respectful exchange of ideas, technology, and best practices in the profession of corrections.
The ICPA is a highly effective and efficient way of coordinating international contacts on penal and justice matters as it has strong links with key players at senior levels in all the continents.

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About EuroPris
The European Organization of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris) is a non-political, non-governmental organization that was initiated in late 2010, founded in 2011 and officially registered in The Netherlands in December 2011. The initiative to establish the organization was taken during the Swedish Presidency of the EU in 2009 and was taken forward by the European countries of the International Roundtable for Correctional Excellence.
EuroPris brings together practitioners in the prisons’ arena with the specific intention of promoting ethical and rights-based imprisonment, exchanging information and providing expert assistance to support this agenda. The organization exists to improve co-operation among European Prison and Correctional Services, with the aim of improving the lives of prisoners and their families, enhancing public safety and security; reducing re-offending; and advancing professionalism in the corrections’ field.

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