A New Business Partnership between Red Hat and Abilis Solutions

The open-source infrastructure solutions have strongly evolved over the past few years, notably in maturity, in feature and performance wise. Red Hat Inc. is an open-source software publisher intended for companies, including its main operating platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, its platform of company JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (Boss Enterprise Middleware), as well as other Red Hat technologies. Red Hat uses a free source code model of software development and licensing which leans on the collaborative contribution of the international users’ community. Furthermore, under this business model, the software developed collectively is distributed under licenses, while allowing access to the product source code.

“These solutions compare more and more with commercial standards and are becoming viable alternatives for the development of applications intended for big companies” explains Eric Le Goff, president of Abilis Solutions. Indeed, in the current economic context, the partnership with Red Hat, notably the editor of JBOSS, is very important for Abilis Solutions to differentiate itself. Mr. Le Goff adds: “JBOSS is a platform which we are using more and more for our key turn-key application developments and its very attractive operation cost allows us to propose economical solutions without compromising on their quality and performance”.

Eric Schaefer, partner sales manager at Red Hat confirms Abilis Solutions’ positioning: “Red Hat is very pleased in formalizing a strategic partnership with Abilis Solutions, and they will play a key role in the promotion and implementation of Red Hat’s JBoss suite of solutions”.

Eric Schaefer continues: “Abilis Solutions has a renowned expertise and know-how in design, production and delivery of complex applications for large companies. By combining their delivery capability with Red Hat products, we are able to address most development and integration needs of this clientele”.


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