A New Business Partnership between Jahia and Abilis Solutions

Jahia Solution Group and Abilis Solutions are pleased to announce their new business partnership. Jahia aims to provide a unique Unified Enterprise Web Content and Portal Management platform. By leveraging state of the art open source frameworks and libraries, Jahia offers as many features typically found in the top high-end commercial Content Management Systems or Corporate Portal Servers in the market.

Eric Le Goff, president, Abilis Solutions, considers the partnership between Jahia and Abilis Solutions is aligned with the company’s willingness to offer efficient, powerful and innovative solutions to their clients while maintaining lower development and operational costs.

“When the target is the Web (portals and web sites), Jahia offers a trustworthy alternative to specialized content management solutions like Interwoven or Documentum. However, the open-source approach allows a deployment for a fraction of the cost of commercial solutions,” reiterates Le Goff.


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