SGF invests $7M: Abilis Solutions becomes a member of “Québec Inc.”

The president of Abilis Solutions, Eric Le Goff, is pleased to announce an investment by the Société Générale de Financement du Québec (SGF) in the Company. This investment of $7 million will significantly contribute to the acquisition plan being pursued by Abilis.

“This signal of confidence from SGF is an endorsement of the strength and soundness of our present business model. Having a major Canadian institutional investor will increase our visibility and standing in the marketplace,” said Eric Le Goff.

It is mainly through its turnkey approach that Abilis has distinguished itself from other companies in the delivery of IT projects.

“To be able to deliver fixed-price projects, we had to rethink how large IT projects are typically managed and delivered,” said Eric Le Goff. “We developed our own, unique, proprietary project management method. Our approach ensures that we deliver high-value solutions that meet the expectations of our customers, on budget and on time. It is the secret to our main competitive advantage,” added Le Goff.

This innovative approach, stretching back more than 10 years, is continuing to reap rewards. In a highly competitive market, where outsourcing projects to India or China is the norm, Abilis fulfills the majority of its

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