The Information You NeedTM

Offender Management Solutions

Information for a Better AgencyTM

The CORIS® OMS platform is a fully-integrated offender management system which automates business processes across jail, prison and community corrections operations. Collectively, CORIS® manages more than 220,000 offenders, probationers and parolees. As well, over 25,000 corrections professionals use CORIS® in more than 280 secure facilities and community corrections offices.

IT Professional Services

Turning Data into SolutionsTM

Abilis is committed to providing the expertise, tools and services required to help companies of any scale, and any industry, address their business intelligence (BI),  cloud computing, or mobile application requirements. We offer 20 years of experience providing information technology professional services and are committed to our customers’ success.

Energy Distribution ERP Software

Operations and Management Solutions for the Oil, Gas & Propane Industries

Abilis Energy’s Info-Sys Enterprise ERP system is the most advanced and complete software package designed specifically to address the unique challenges and requirements of the energy delivery industry. Info-Sys Enterprise is a fully integrated, Windows-based system designed with the end-user in mind. Familiar navigation tools and extensive electronic help files make learning this innovative system simple.

SAP NetWeaver® PI Specialists

Accelerating Business ProcessesTM

Abilis PI delivers robust process integration services, support, and solutions that accelerate business process efficiency, productivity and flexibility. Offering SAP framework expertise coupled with adept knowledge of industry processes, Abilis PI’s team systematically assesses application development requirements and offers customers clearly defined integration project management.